Friday, January 25, 2013

Girly on Polka Dots


I admit it was cold but my mood today was "girly-girly" and nothing would beat that mood in a flowy skater skirts with elegant 3/4 bow sleeve top and a chic Ostrich leather purse. 

I was brave and didn't let the cold hinder me in having this outfit, interestingly the cold today was tolerable (well for me). I enjoyed this outfit today along with innumerable compliments I received about it.  
Vamp red lipstick is my all time favorite. I usually use black eyeliner on the sides of my lips and blend it with my bloody red lipstick OR chocolate and red lipstick together. 
I find the Chunky Boots so cute with a skater skirt, I wish to wear it without the leggings but since it was cold the bow printed leggings aren't bad at all to pair with the boots.  
Skater Skirt is from FOREVER 21 
The skirt was originally plain black, I played with it and added some sequins, pearls and other details on the upper right side.  What do you guys think? 
The Ostrich Leather purse was from Juicy Couture.  The color is a great combination of class and it does go along with my outfit.  
Bracelets are separately bought from anywhere in NYC.
This Chocolate chunky boots was actually a half size bigger and I actually considered selling it but changed my mind after my second attempt of wearing it with this outfit! I got this by the way from 

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