Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hope, Life


Yesterday's outfit to meet up with a friend in New Jersey and it was freezing cold as 10* F. 

The day was gloomy and cloudy. To add to that, the trees looks lifeless without their beautiful leaves, however, although without their leaves and they might look creepy in a pitch dark night, interestingly they still have their own unique beauty when winter hits. 

My outfit was similar with my surrounding and it does send a message not only for fashion and entertainment for the eyes of others, but I believe it does show hope and life.

As you can see I am wearing black shorts and leggings paired with a dark colored boots which could mean lifeless, no hope, nothing! But the spark of red lipstick and my red bag including my heart shaped necklace portrays life and hope like a blood that flows in our body. 

So despite of your gloomy day and weakest point don't forget that there's always strength and sunny day :) 


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