Monday, February 18, 2013

Edgy is Sexy

Today is a great day off.  I slept up to my heart's content, woke up with the most handsome face (my fiancee), fixed myself up without the need to rush here and there, and I just love this day! A totally lazy day! I would also call my outfit a lazy outfit for a great lazy day.

However, you could still be sexy even on your lazy couldn't you? Simplicity is SEXY! Just spice it up with self-confidence and you are good to go! 
I've been so obsessed with my super-size cardi that I always wear it anytime, anywhere especially on Alaska kind of weather.  It is so comfy, warm and very stylish at the same time.  This is why I love this cardi because way back years ago, I hated Winter (well I still do but not as much as did before) because too many bulky layers of COATS!! First, I really felt like as big as Santa Claus, second I didn't feel and definitely doesn't look so fashionable at all! Third, it's just too much to put on and to carry around when I enter a heated establishment. I could actually dare go out with just this cardigan in a 30Degree F and if it is colder I just add on a coat and I am good to go! I really love the very edgy tribal prints on it, very stylish and detailed.  
I am actually not good in poses but I try hehehe. I posed provocatively here as my fancier way to purposely show how the studs are in place on my denim bustier.  I bought this bustier for $10.  It was plain and bland so I decided to add bronze-pyramid studs on it. 
(sorry for the bad resolution, I was just using digital camera and just cropped it :p )
I am just playful in this pose, as I said I am not good at posing and my fiancee who was patiently taking some shots of me on a specific-same area/spot, he just kept saying "Next,next" (referring to posing).  The pressure!  But what can I do? He's all I got for taking pictures of me hahaha.. just don't like the idea of having tripod (hassle for taking it around and setting it up in the street??haha NOO!) .  

Didn't you notice how the solidness of my legging brings out attitude to my top outfit? Or better yet to the wholeness of my style? If in summer, I would say my lazy outfit would always be shorts, on fall or winter it would be a black leggings/tights.  Black-legging is my go-to kind of bottom outfit.  That's when I didn't have to stress out what to wear on my top because everything would surely go along with black legging! 

I actually prefer wearing legging than jeans in the winter, it's warmer.  Jeans are usually made of cotton and usually gives you that cool feeling in your skin, but on an Alaska kind of weather, I get cold when I wear jeans unless if I put on leggings first before putting on my jeans but then again I hate layering especially on my legs.  First, I hate the friction and that kind of tight and uneasy feeling.  Second, labor intensive to actually look for the right legging to layer it with (thick/thin).  Third, I have a curvy figure and when I do layer my jeans with leggings, I look extra pound fat-er! :p Then I look like Kim Kardashian, sorry she's hot but I just don't like that too much curve on me.   
This is an edgy outfit yet sexy. Added some exposure of my collar bone and shoulder for a "classy not trashy" kind of sexy! 

Well, then lastly here I am again doing the "look away" kind of pose :p Somebody has got to teach me how to pose! Anyone??? 

Anyway, I had a great dinner at fancy buffet in Long Island, New York with my friends and we all came out with our tummies bloated! :p Meet my beautiful girls! From left Shevon, Me (of course) and Jinet. 


  1. Gorgeousnesss! finally found your blog <3333

    1. Thank you boo.. I am just starting one.. And thanks too you did, because of that I found yours too! Yay! Good to see you here hun!