Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's been a Floral day!

Hello there! It's "Hello Spring" in New York! I can't wait for Cherry trees to bloom! It is indeed becoming warmer day by day but it is not that warm to wear a sleeveless.  I want to have a girly feminine kind of look so that's why I decided to wear a simple nude cardigan.  Leather jacket is too hippie for the look that I want to achieve.  

TIP: Avoid wearing long cardigan when wearing a dress especially a maxi dress, or maxi skirt.  You might end up looking like a granny or older than your actual age. If you are to wear a cardigan, wear the same length as your dress or longer length than your dress.  For a maxi skirt or dress, some exceptions can be considered but you have to give extra precaution.  Wear a cardigan for maxis that will look like it's a part of the dress itself, also wear a color that will contrast each other.  You could also wear huge striped long cardigan for a solid maxi. 

 All in all, play with your wardrobe, mess your room (its one best way to learn how to mix and match, being able to see what options do you have), and dress up your mood.  

So I sat as instructed by my fiancee a.k.a. my personal photographer and I like how it turned out! 

New York is full of fashions in the streets where each individuals are free to express themselves through their style and outfits! 

Simplicity is bold and elegant; it flaunts a woman's beauty inside and out.  - Kennybabes Chavez 

By the way meet my uber romantic hubby, excuse the hat I was making fun of him that time and he just started being such a lovey dovey romantic pretty boy hehe :p

The heat of the sun! Oh how I missed it! 

It was too windy, I was fixing my hair and my hubby just snapped a shot! :) I love him when he's on his mood to take pictures.  I didn't have to use threat and force him to take shots! haha 

The beauty of Queensborough Bridge connected to Manhattan in Black and White

Beautiful condos with a scenic and beautiful view of Hudson River and the city

I just can't help it, I just love the weather and the sun and the cool breeze of the wind.  

Breathtaking view of Manhattan and Hudson River

The rocks and me.  I have a huge love with nature and views; just enjoying God's gifts! 

And oh yep that's Empire State Building across the river :) 

I am not a talented or a professional photographer but I am very happy of this result hehe.. for a newbie right? It's all about angle too! 

This place by the way is Gantry Plaza State Park.  It is very special to me and my fiancee, he brought me here and since then I loved it.  The view, the aura, it's peacefulness and it's modern romantic view and construction.  When we fight, we go here individually.  This has always been our favorite date spot where we play guitars and sing together enjoying the breeze and the view. 

Dress: Forever21 | Cardigan: J.Crew | Shoes: Forever21 | Necklace: Guess | Hat: Forever21 | Handbag: Coach | Leggings: H&M | Belt: Genuine Leather (Thrifted)

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  1. Great photos and you have such a lovely outfit
    I'm so glad that the weather here in New York is getting warmer
    I enjoyed looking through your pictures and it seems like you have such a fun time with your hubby, haha