Monday, June 17, 2013

Lovely Sunny Day with Leopard prints and floral!

So my day started with a flat tire! Boooo! 

It was definitely my first time to change a tire! I was so happy I've experienced and accomplished it. It was fun! 

Despite that, the day was just beautiful to be ruined and I have thought of a perfect outfit to stroll around the city! 

Hello lovies! Today I just feel so light! Light shoulder bag, chiffon maxi skirt and even wearing basic T-strap flats! 

My top by the way is printed in leopard and it says, "RUNNING WILD".  

Summer is my season, it reflects my personality.  Summer is about shining, shimmering, glowing, beautiful blooming and dancing flowers! Definitely portrays my enthusiasm. 

The pictures by the way are taken by my hubby and in Carl Schurz Park.  This is the first I've been here and never regretted my trip.  The cool breeze was awesome, away from traffic and congested streets, and the Park is actually on top of a busy highway, the FDR Expressway.  

My outfit is about wild, sexy and feminine! It portrays a delicate strong woman.  I also love the totality of my outfit because it creates an illusion that I am tall, but I am not that tall just 5'5 and I actually look thinner too :) 

This is because my top has a huge stretch from my armpit, if the hem is too close to the armpit it creates a shorter and chubby looking upper body.  

I had my hair down too, just a little wave enough to play with the wind.  

My skirt was maxi and since I paired it with flats instead of heels, people will have no excuse like "Oh she looks tall because of the heels", which makes this outfit more of natural.  

TIP: In this weather, it's great to wear a maxi skirt that aren't body con or too close to your skin due to the following: 

1.  It could lead to skin irritation and rashes
2.  your legs need air especially while under the heat of the sun
3.  it will make you feel uncomfortable
4.  It will feel hotter especially if the fabric isn't cotton

Another reason I look taller is because of my shoulder bag. It gives extra oomph of "tall" illusion because first the strap is skinny and long.  It gives illusion that my body is stretched! Imagine if I wore a short handled hobo bag or shoulder bag. SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! 

Although it was too sunny and bright, I didn't add sunglasses to my outfit.  I didn't want to overdo my over-all look.  I kept it simple with single pieces on both of my hands.  

The hat and it's sunflowers on it flawlessly finished up my outfit! 

By the way I have also used a 2 inches gold metal belt which is even cute for casual look :) 

Finally, the real secret that I carry everyday with my outfit are four things.  

3. LESS MAKE - UP (Sometimes I complete my outfit with bare face)


Bag: Aldo | Top:  H&M | Skirt:  Forever21 | Belt: Forever21 | Sun Hat: thrifted!DIY | Shoes/Sandals: Payless 



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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Playfully Bright

Way years ago, my skin tone was way darker that it limits me on using very bright colors on me.  I felt like it doesn't suit me and it makes me look more darker.  I even avoided using red colors and was more of using pink that aren't too bright and white.  Literally, I hated neons and I hate it because they look so pretty on other people but I couldn't wear them.  

Little did I know that one of these days I will be wearing bright colors.  Well, it is officially summer and I've been seeing people in the city wearing bright colors and I love it.  The colors are so playful, carefree, lively and full of hope like flowers.  One day I saw this beautiful neon pants and told myself, "how about I'll challenge myself in wearing this color".  I bought it but originally planned to pair it with neutral colors.  

Hmmm.. when I wore it, I ended up pairing it with orange colors! 

Don't you like it? What do you think?

So I played with all bright colors! Combined orange, neon green/yellow, flashy pink with red lipstick.  I really think it's a cool combination! 

FYI: I was having a bad hair day, so instead of having it loose, I made a messy braid to compliment my bright playful summer look! 

What's yours?

That's when I realized that everyday I learn from my style.  I learned to take the risk and end up having a cute outfit.  I learned to be brave and accept people's criticism.  This is what self-confidence is.  

Before, I used to be very conscious that I wore outfits that I was very familiar with and ended up wearing the same style all the time.  

So take the risk, play with your mood, play with your fashion, after all it's all about having fun! 

"Styling is not only about innately knowing how to style, but learning from your style and create a new one" - Kennybabes C.  


Pants: forever21 - $15 | Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10 | Bag: NYC vendors - $15 | Top: Macy's - $11 | Belt: Aldo - $2 | Hat: Forever21 - $8 | Necklace: Charlotte Russe - $5 | Lipstick: Sephora - $10


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Hot!

For how many months been tortured by the cold freezing winter, I just can't help it but celebrate and bloom now that it's summer!!  

So school days are over and I actually thought I will be finally free but nah, I am working 6 days a week. Sounds like a torture but, it is fine, I know it'll be worth it in the end.  

So how am I able to stroll like a tourist despite of my 6 days of work schedule and a business to handle as a freelance merchandiser?  I used to think about it before, and to be honest it feels like SOCIAL LIFE is DEAD! But.... no no... I have managed to enjoy my vacation in the morning with my hubbylicious before going straight to work.  

Anyway, I've been a New Yorker for 7 years already but I never really liked to stroll in Central Park the GREAT park of the city.  It was because it's just too big, too much walking, I usually get lost and etc.  However, one morning when I woke up, the sun is up and the weather was just beautiful! My hubby and I went to Central Park unplanned! 


Since I am going straight to work, I want to wear the most comfortable outfit and is appropriate for my workplace but at the same time looking chic! So here it is! 

Lips: Blended Rouge Red and Lavender Lipstick = ROSE PLUM lips
Location: Columbus Circle, NYC

CNN: 70 Degrees and I am lovin' it! 

My outfit is actually a Nautical inspired: 
Color: Blue and red | Style: Side button shorts and stripes top | Sunglass | Hat (I don't have a nautical hat so I just used regular fedora) 

This outfit is definitely something to dig for a simple comfortable look especially in the city.  The shoes is one of my favorites in terms of comfort-ability.  


In choosing high heels for walking, and by walking means A LOT OF WALKING.  Platform shoes are the best, however, platform shoes could be very uncomfortable too.  A chunky heels is ideal for walking.  Why? due to more support of the heels, there is no need to put too much effort on your feet to keep your balance.  It also allows an individual to have a straight back while walking instead of like leaning forward.  

Ever wear too tight heels no matter how pretty they are.  Maybe wear it for occasions that does not need much walking. 

This outfit could have been more cuter if the shorts is high waist.  It would give you that classic nautical look! Try this outfit with your own style and hashtag #ximpleyethottanautical , i'll pick my favorites and will give a shoutout! 

Location: Bethesda Terrace, Central Park NYC

Smile and be bubbly!! You'll enjoy your day way better! 

The beauty of the Bethesda Terrace hidden under the tunnel! It was just amazing! 

Shorts: Forever21 | Top: H&M  | Shoes: Steve Madden | Tote Bag: Gucci | Fedora: Forever21 | Sunglass:  Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Be-dazzling !

- Spring brings me sexy and feminine aura - 

Are you a New Yorker? then dress like one! Don't be afraid, show them what you got!  Just put on self-confidence and you are definitely good to go! 

I actually have lack of sleep due to school works and didn't have any plan of going out today, well looks like I failed! The cool weather today was just tempting, I couldn't help it! 

People say I am good in posing, the fact is NO! Well I am learning but my secret to my poses is my HUBBY!! *wink* He pushes me, believe in me and give me self-confidence.  There were actually times years ago that I cry because I wanted to pose like a pro but I couldn't.  He choreographs my poses, such as, "chin up a little bit", "lower your left leg" or "smile a little bit, not too much" or "look far away" etc.. :) 

New York State of Mind! 

This is actually one reason why I ended up dressing up and go out with my hubby.  When I came home from school at noon my shoes came in and I was just soo excited! Don't you love it??? Don't you dare say NO because it is elegantly beautiful! 

Meet my favorite coat.  It gives me that European kind of style and its sexy too in its own beauty! 

Just like snow, I am obsess with Cherry Blossoms! I wish I could have this at home in the Philippines!  I do really feel like a princess when I walk especially under blooming Cherry trees!   

*Please excuse the lady in the back* Well, here are my details and on my regular go-to days, I don't wear that much bling only when the outfit is for blogging or special occasion.  

Anyway, shoutout to my BFF @annecerezo, that beautiful braided gold bracelet is actually hers.  A week ago we hung out with other friends and I took it from her without her noticing it.  Well, I don't know if she even noticed her favorite bracelet is MISSING until now, which she'll see in this picture! haha .. peace love mwah 
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Top: Charlotte Russe | Shorts: Forever21 | Shoes: Shoedazzle | Clutch: H&M | Hat: Forever21 | Bracelets: @annecerezo , Guess

Place: Roosevelt Island, Queens, New York


* I do not and have never ever shaved my legs and arms.  Lucky me, saves me time! *

* I was born year of the snake but I hate snakes *

* I comb my hair after shower and before going to sleep but not when I wake up *
( I bun my hair every time I sleep, when I wake up and loosen it, it gives me that beautiful natural wave without using heat )


LEGS: For natural flawless legs, use preferred lotion (I recommend a lotion with Shea Butter) day and night.  It moisturize your skin and gives you that glowing young skin.  Do not use any products that are not necessary! 

POSES:  Practice in your mirror, little by little you'll get used to it and your body will just do it when you're ready for a shot! 

HAIR: I use PINK Hot oil once a month you can buy it from Duane Reade, GNC, CVS and other drugstore.  Don't over use it, it's unnecessary!  PUTTING TOO MUCH CHEMICAL ON YOUR HAIR WILL RUIN ITS BEAUTY!  (Although, those products are approved to be sold, I still don't believe that they don't have any bad effects, THEY ARE CHEMICALS after all!)


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pink Spring

Today was a photoshoot with a friend who's building up his portfolio.  When we were done, I change my clothes into this for a much Spring and fresh aura.  

My camera sucks and I'm definitely getting a new one, one day :) By the way, I really love this hi-lo skirt because of its build in mini skirt inside.  I loved how my outer skirt have been playing with the wind while my hubby and I were strolling around the city.  

Finally it's SPRING!! I love blossom and I am so glad I do not have allergies with pollen so I am really enjoying it.  Today was the hottest since Winter; it was up to 80 degree F. 

aren't the view and the sun great?? I was just lovin' it!! 

I actually kept it simple today with a nude wedge shoes with multi-colored heels, a heart pendant gold necklace that my dad gave me and two bracelets that were given by my hubby.  I wanted the outfit today to be girly yet would stand out and show the sexiness of femininity and simplicity. 

- Central park and Midtown New York - 

Shoes: Bakers | Skirt: Thrifted | Hat: Forever21 | Bustier: Forever21 | Satchel Bag: Coach

Places: Central Park | Jeepney- Filipino Gastropub | Astor Place and along 14th street different avenues | New York

My hubby and I walked couple of miles just to get lost around 14th St to wherever streets.  We both enjoyed walking, sightseeing, people walking, and visiting exotic stores and restaurants.  We actually also went to Jeepney - a Filipino gastropub - to which we enjoyed bone marrow!! While getting lost in my girly hi-lo, pink bustier, wedge, and mademoiselle's hat, we came across this store to which we really felt pity!  As you can see, there are a lot of graffiti on their glass windows, their ceiling is about to collapse, their store name is incomplete and not to forget the scaffolding that was placed right exactly in-front of the store's entrance.  Poor store :(

All in all, from time to time, getting lost could be tiring but very worth it.  Many little things are there to amaze and stun you with their uniqueness, and beauty.  The #1 best free destination in New York.  



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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's been a Floral day!

Hello there! It's "Hello Spring" in New York! I can't wait for Cherry trees to bloom! It is indeed becoming warmer day by day but it is not that warm to wear a sleeveless.  I want to have a girly feminine kind of look so that's why I decided to wear a simple nude cardigan.  Leather jacket is too hippie for the look that I want to achieve.  

TIP: Avoid wearing long cardigan when wearing a dress especially a maxi dress, or maxi skirt.  You might end up looking like a granny or older than your actual age. If you are to wear a cardigan, wear the same length as your dress or longer length than your dress.  For a maxi skirt or dress, some exceptions can be considered but you have to give extra precaution.  Wear a cardigan for maxis that will look like it's a part of the dress itself, also wear a color that will contrast each other.  You could also wear huge striped long cardigan for a solid maxi. 

 All in all, play with your wardrobe, mess your room (its one best way to learn how to mix and match, being able to see what options do you have), and dress up your mood.  

So I sat as instructed by my fiancee a.k.a. my personal photographer and I like how it turned out! 

New York is full of fashions in the streets where each individuals are free to express themselves through their style and outfits! 

Simplicity is bold and elegant; it flaunts a woman's beauty inside and out.  - Kennybabes Chavez 

By the way meet my uber romantic hubby, excuse the hat I was making fun of him that time and he just started being such a lovey dovey romantic pretty boy hehe :p

The heat of the sun! Oh how I missed it! 

It was too windy, I was fixing my hair and my hubby just snapped a shot! :) I love him when he's on his mood to take pictures.  I didn't have to use threat and force him to take shots! haha 

The beauty of Queensborough Bridge connected to Manhattan in Black and White

Beautiful condos with a scenic and beautiful view of Hudson River and the city

I just can't help it, I just love the weather and the sun and the cool breeze of the wind.  

Breathtaking view of Manhattan and Hudson River

The rocks and me.  I have a huge love with nature and views; just enjoying God's gifts! 

And oh yep that's Empire State Building across the river :) 

I am not a talented or a professional photographer but I am very happy of this result hehe.. for a newbie right? It's all about angle too! 

This place by the way is Gantry Plaza State Park.  It is very special to me and my fiancee, he brought me here and since then I loved it.  The view, the aura, it's peacefulness and it's modern romantic view and construction.  When we fight, we go here individually.  This has always been our favorite date spot where we play guitars and sing together enjoying the breeze and the view. 

Dress: Forever21 | Cardigan: J.Crew | Shoes: Forever21 | Necklace: Guess | Hat: Forever21 | Handbag: Coach | Leggings: H&M | Belt: Genuine Leather (Thrifted)

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